Rewarding businesses for doing more good

increase revenue

Does your business create value for society way beyond your products and services?

For example, sports clubs and event organisers contribute to the health and wellbeing of their participants, in addition to organising events and training.

When you partner with LOVE TO, we turn that value into an asset for your customers. You receive a proportion of the asset for your role in creating it. This can become a significant additional revenue stream that recognises the true value you bring to your community.

open new markets that were previously inaccessible

Many people may currently be unable to access your organisation’s products because they don’t have enough cash. By partnering with LOVE TO, you can provide beneficial goods and services upfront and share the value that is generated by people participating in them.

Rather than paying cash for those goods and services in advance, which greatly limits the opportunity to participate in many cases, this approach allows businesses and their customers to co-create assets and share the proceeds, by agreement.

build trust

In the LOVE TO model, you partner with your customers to co-create value, which you share between you.

Everybody wins and nobody loses in this model.

Genuinely making the world more sustainable and fair for everyone

How is this possible?

This is the technical part and it’s a new way of doing business, so it may be hard to fully understand it at first. Here’s how LOVE TO works.

1. We recognise the Personal Beneficial Effort that people have put into a project that benefits themselves, their communities or their ecosystems. 

2. We measure the benefit using a specialised and appropriate accounting and valuation system. We use recognised third party accounting systems such as Quality Adjusted Life Year (QALY) for health and Accounting for Nature for Ecosystems.

3. We verify that the benefit exists and is sustainable. We usually set aside some of the claimed benefit as a way to assure that what is sold is always more than covered. The amount we set aside depends on the quality and veracity of the data we receive.

4. We equate the value generated to a number of equities (LifeShares) that have a fixed face value.

5. We form a Mutual Company around a specific beneficial activity, eg LOVE TO Be Fit, or LOVE TO Be Bright Green.

6. We invite large numbers of people into the Mutual so we can aggregate the value of their Personal Beneficial Effort.

7. This generates a sizeable asset that is highly investable.

8. We offer the asset to institutional investors that have a mandate to invest in large-scale social and environmental improvement.

9. We allocate the equities between our members, which are the people who did the beneficial activities, the organisations that helped them, our Financial Partner, the Asset Manager and the Dividend Fund. The grassroots people receive more than 50% of every LifeShare parcel and they have a pro-rata share in the Dividend Fund, so participants usually own 65% in total of the saleable asset pool.  

10. The Dividend Fund invests the 25% invested in it by members to produce an annual dividend for each LifeShare issued.

11. Members receive new shares each year if they keep doing the beneficial activity.

12. Business Partners receive a percentage of every share to which they have contributed.

How to get involved ?

  1. Sign up so we can keep you informed about the latest developments in LOVE TO. 
  2. Soon we’ll invite you to join LOVE TO LABS, an incubator where you can prepare your business for a Mutual approach.