Rewarding individuals for doing more good

What positive benefit are you generating through your activities right now?

  1. Are you doing regular activities that improve and maintain your health and wellbeing?
  2. Are you improving ecosystems and regenerating quality soils, air and water?
  3. Are you volunteering in your community?
  4. Are you preventing disasters?
  5. Something else?

Have you ever stopped to wonder how much value your activities are contributing to yourself, your family, your community, your workplace, your government, your state, your nation?

It’s huge.

These are some of the MOST VALUABLE ACTIVITIES on earth. Life wouldn’t be the same without them.

And yet, we haven’t been able to recognize this economically, until now.

How would your life change if you were rewarded for doing the things that create a benefit?

LOVE TO recognises the genuine value you’re creating and rewards you for it by allocating LifeShares to you. These are shares that can be bought and sold on a stock exchange like any other share. 

You can choose to keep them and build a portfolio, receiving a dividend every year. Or you can sell them (subject to conditions) if you prefer cash. This means you and your family can benefit from the effort you put into doing good for yourself and all of us. 

The beauty of it is that in some cases we can also recognise past effort if it can be verified. For example, if you’ve been improving the ecology of your land for years, your first Life Share allocation will be retrospective. 

How is this possible?


1. We recognise the Personal Beneficial Effort that people have put into a project that benefits themselves, their communities or their ecosystems. 

2. We measure the benefit using a specialised and appropriate accounting and valuation system. We use recognised third party accounting systems such as Quality Adjusted Life Year (QALY) for health and Accounting for Nature for Ecosystems.

3. We verify that the benefit exists and is sustainable. We usually set aside some of the claimed benefit as a way to assure that what is sold is always more than covered. The amount we set aside depends on the quality and veracity of the data we are working with.

4. We equate the value generated to a number of equities (LifeShares) that have a fixed face value.

5. We form a Mutual Company around a specific beneficial activity, eg LOVE TO Be Fit, or LOVE TO Be Bright Green.

6. We invite large numbers of people into the Mutual so we can aggregate the value of their Personal Beneficial Effort.

7. This generates a sizeable asset that is highly investable.

8. We offer the asset to institutional investors that have a mandate to invest in large-scale social and environmental improvement.

9. We allocate the equities between our members, which are the people who did the beneficial activities, the organisations that helped them, our Financial Partner, the Asset Manager and the Dividend Fund. The grassroots people receive more than 50% of every LifeShare parcel and they have a pro-rata share in the Dividend Fund, so participants usually own 65%+ in total of the saleable asset pool.  

10. The Dividend Fund invests the 25% invested in it by members to produce an annual dividend for each LifeShare issued.

11. Members receive new shares each year if they keep doing the beneficial activity.

How to participate ?

  1. Sign up below so we can let you know as each Mutual is launched.

  2. Attend a free webinar called The Future of US  to explore and prepare for a mutually beneficial way of doing business.