We create Mutual Companies that issue Mutual Capital Instruments. This is how we issue LifeShares.

We use the Mutual model because it’s stable, has a long history and is democratic. It’s owned by its members, which means it can’t be controlled by minority interests or powerful stakeholders.

Our Mutuals are incorporated in Australia because the laws here are favourable. You can join one of our Mutuals from any country in the world, as long as your laws allow it. 

These are the Mutuals that have already been incorporated or are almost ready to launch.


LOVE TO Be is the Mother Mutual. Its purpose is to support and finance the origination of new Mutuals. 

It vets ideas and proponents keen to create new mutuals and provides practical assistance so the new mutuals are successful. 

It’s especially relevant for people or businesses with the desire to create a new business model who have access to a large community of people who are doing good. 

LOVE TO Be Bright Green

LOVE TO Be Bright Green supports the purpose of improving ecology. It’s unique in recognising retrospective improvements to the quality of the land.

It’s especially relevant for farmers and land managers and the businesses that support ecological improvement in agriculture. 

Love to be fit

LOVE TO Be Fit supports the purpose of improving health and wellbeing through participating in sports.

It’s especially relevant for sports clubs and associations, sports event organisers, businesses that contribute to improving health and wellbeing through sport and all their members and participants.