Current OPPs


Replicable Containerised Fresh Vegetable Production

Fresh lettuce, basil, parsley, baby spinach and other herbs, as well as some tomatoes and strawberries are produced in insulated, modified shipping containers.

The system can operate in polar conditions or in 50C desert conditions. Future units will be solar and battery powered.

Two people can operate this with little physical strength required in about 10 hours per week per person. The unit will net about $2500 per month, using 2% of the land and 10% of the water of a farm producing an equivalent output.

These systems can be located in a wide variety of climates and regions, are transportable, secure, and because they are a closed system usually require no pesticide sprays. They can be integrated with aquaponics to produce food from wastes contained in fish water.

Cashflow positive within 30 days.

LOVE TO can finance these with a leasing model and can assure high asset security. Production systems are already traceable using a smartphone app.

LOCATION: Brisbane, Australia
TIMING: May 2017


Corporate Scale Orchard “OPP’ised”
and managed by 8-10 Family Contract Farmers. 

This OPP is under development by Managed Growth Group, LOVE TO’s founding partner.
A 1000 Ha orchard is being established on 1415ha of land in northern NSW at a combined cost of about AU$24M. Value on completion of planting will be approximately AU$45M. 

Usually a development of this type would be leased and operated by a corporate.
We propose to “opp’ise” the orchard by establishing it and then subleasing or contracting management rights to 8-10 family scale farmers who supply labour and expertise in return for a share of crop income. 

LOVE TO can then engage with the corporate market by negotiating an offtake agreement for the product or by arranging processing, packing and marketing under a LOVE TO brand.
This Alpha Test OPP stands alone and is included to demonstrate how large scale agricultural development can proceed under the LOVE TO system.

LOCATION: Northern NSW, Australia

TIMING: Starting April 2017


New Crop Development in a Developing Nation

This OPP will be developed by a partnership between Managed Growth Group and an individual researcher. Presently Canarium Nut is a locally produced and consumed rainforest nut from the highlands of Papua New Guinea. .

The crop has significant commercialisation potential using a body of research conducted by Australia aid funded institutions. The new industry so created would create sustainable plantations, sustainably employ a number of locals (women in particular) and create a new export industry and a new food product for a health conscious world.

LOVE TO can fund and support plantation development, and negotiate an offtake agreement for the product or by arranging processing, packing and marketing under a LOVE TO brand. There is also an opportunity to produce packaged cookies containing the nut, delivering premium returns.

This Alpha Test OPP stands alone and is included to demonstrate how regional economic development, value adding and local employment can proceed under the LOVE TO system. The project proponent is a female new graduate aged 22, so this project also demonstrates opportunity creation and support for entrepreneurship in the food sector.

LOCATION: Papua New Guinea
TIMING: Starting July 2017


Probiotic Juices made fresh from local ingredients.

This OPP is already running in the Brisbane city hinterland with distribution to local stores, and is owned and managed by the founding partners. It is ripe for replication.

The recipes and concept has expansion potential in its own right but is more powerful when integrated with a sustainable source of supply of juicing fruit and vegetables from LOVE TO partner  fruit and vegetable farms. It may also be ideally suited to be integrated with an aquaponics system (separately producing fish) and a containerised horticulture park (to ensure “organic” leaf and herb material for juicing year round).

LOVE TO can finance the replication of the juicing system and retail store network, and develop the local farm production for the supply-side integration of the business, plus the logistics.

This Alpha Test OPP with integrated farm production works as a small business and could be replicated in hundreds of cities globally. It is included to demonstrate how an integrated regional development system of full food chain businesses can be replicated in many places globally by LOVE TO.

LOCATION: Brisbane, Australia
TIMING: Starting May 2017