business runNING on principles of nature

LOVE TO has been built from the ground up on the principles of natural abundance, wellbeing, ecosystems and generosity. 

We apply these principles in the way we structure the business, cultivate our relationships, grow our community and run our finances. 

By the people, for the people

We chose to use the Mutual company as our main business structure because it’s genuinely democratic. A Mutual is owned by its members, who are the people and businesses doing good.

It’s one member, one vote, so no corporations, hareholders or larger businesse get more power than any individual. This protects it from being maniulated or controlled or falling into the wrong hands.

 As the Mutuas grow, our members will be able to influence our investment decisions and develop new ways of benefitting each other and encouraging more good t be done. 

It's for everybody

Our model works as well in developing countries as in wealthier nations. It can be used for providing clean water, in villages regenerative farming anywhere in the world, disaster prevention and mitigation, caring for people and many other activities that are genuinely beneficial to individuals, families and communities. 

where did it start?

Tim Bennett and Sarah McCrum met at a marketing mastermind group in January 2017. Tim had some big ideas about preventing global warming, based on years of experience in finance and agriculture. Sarah had some big ideas about the principles of money and natural health, based on years of training with Chinese Masters and teaching people about life energy.

When these ideas came together, LOVE TO was born. It started out very different from where it is today. Through four years of long conversations, $3+ million of R&D,  a series of expert consultants, some new Australian laws and many inspired ideas, the pieces gradually fell into place.

Tim Bennett

Since graduating in agricultural science in 1990 Tim’s career has spanned organic and sustainable farming system development, new crop research and establishment, scientific and analytical soil research, financial analysis and reporting, fund management, new company development, listed company CEO and Directorship roles, asset management, regulated financial services operations and compliance, large scale agricultural project development based on implementing best practice ecological management to enhance the productivity and sustainability of modern agriculture, research and development of novel innovation,  corporate finance and structuring and most recently, ecological asset accounting and equitization.

Tim’s commitment going forward is to put his full energy into the development of the LOVE TO group of companies and mutuals by serving those Mutuals as lead Asset Manager and strategic research and development thinker in this area. The key focus of Tim’s work is incrementally increasing wellbeing of people by creating wholistic “new -economy” systems that make inequitable systems redundant. 

Sarah McCrum

Sarah is an author and lifelong educator who works with business owners across the world to transform their relationship with money. Her work is based on natural principles of abundance and generosity, which are described in her book, Love Money, Money Loves You. This book was one of the original inspirations for LOVE TO.