Benefitting the people who make life better

People make life better for all of us by doing what they love to do, for example, getting fit, restoring ecosystems, or volunteering in their neighborhood. However, the value of their effort is rarely recognised or rewarded. 

LOVE TO has created a way for many individuals and small businesses to combine the benefits they’ve created by joining a Mutual Company. We then turn all these benefits into an asset, which our members own in the form of shares. 

The shares create a perfect investment for institutional investors to buy, which brings value to the grassroots people and organisations that are doing the most good for their communities.


LOVE TO benefits people financially for doing good in the world.

This is a new way to do business, so let’s explore how it works and the three ways you could join in.


If you love to make life better for yourself or others, you could participate in a LOVE TO Mutual and receive LifeShares for the value of your Personal Beneficial Effort.

Examples include: improving health and wellbeing, volunteering, regenerative farming.


If you’re a business or organisation, you could partner with a LOVE TO Mutual to generate LifeShares for your customers, and receive a percentage as a significant, additional revenue stream. 

Examples include: sports-related businesses and clubs; food and agribusiness companies.


Institutional, corporate or sophisticated investors can acquire wholesale securities at IPO.

Retail investors can purchase shares once they’re listed on a stock exchange and support the grassroots people who are doing good while also producing a return.